This section offers tools specifically developed:

For learners and teachers:

European Language Portfolio (ELP): Adult Migrants learning the language of the host country
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Piloting of the ELP in Lombardy (2014): Report
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accompanied by:

The linguistic integration of adult migrants and the ELP: an introduction
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ELP for adult migrant language learners : A GUIDE FOR TEACHERS
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Goal-setting and self-assessment checklists

Workshop activities to introduce the CEFR and the ELP

For Course Providers:


Providers of Language Courses for Adult Migrants : Self-assessment Handbook including a questionnaire, (rev. 2014)
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Piloting of this Guide in 8 centres in Italy - Lombardia and Toscana (2015): Report

Piloting of this Guide in Slovenia (2014): Report

Quality assurance in the provision of language education and training for adult migrants – Guidelines and options (2008)

Language in the workplace:

Learning the language of the host country for professional purposes (2012)

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Selection of key terms linked to short papers discussing concepts and approaches or introducing tools

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