The Project “Strengthening Implementation of Human Rights Practices and Education in Georgia” aims to support the parliament of Georgia in its efforts to effectively exercise its oversight function with regards of execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights against Georgia. The Project supports establishing a large and competent pool of national trainers that will ensure sustainability of National Training Institutions and serve as a ground for continuous professional development of legal professionals in European human rights standards. The Project also works with partner universities and law schools to better include human rights studies in their respective curricula. 

  • Law students and Professors of Universities and Law Schools
  • Judges Prosecutors and Lawyers
  • MPs and Staff of the Parliament

Mahir Mushteidzada

Levan Meskhoradze

  • Parliament of Georgia
  • General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia
  • Georgian Bar Association  
  • Legal Aid Service
  • High School of Justice  
  • Tbilisi State University

620,000 Euro