Chaque année au mois de juin, une Académie de Formation à destination des gestionnaires des Itinéraires culturels et de leurs partenaires est organisée en entroite collaboration avec un des Itinéraires culturels certifié par le Conseil de l'Europe.

L'Académie de Formation a pour but d'assurer un apprentissage aux opérateurs des Itinéraires culturels sur les enjeux actuels dans le domaine du patrimoine culturel et de sa promotion touristique. L'Académie de Formation offre une approche concrète aux enjeux discutés par le biais de la participation d'experts universitaires et professionnels avec qui les opérateurs des Itinéraires culturels peuvent s'entretenir.

L'Académie de Formation est organisée en étroite collaboration avec l'Institut Européen des Itinéraires culturels.

academie de formation 2019 : visby, suede academie de formation 2019 : visby, suede

7th Training Academy on Cultural Routes, Yuste, Spain


The 7th edition of the Training Academy on Cultural Routes, organised by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, the Cooperation Network of European Routes of the Emperor Charles V and the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, with the support of the Regional Government of Extremadura and the Provincial Government of Caceres took place between the 12 and 15 June 2018 at the Royal Monastery of Yuste in Cuacos de Yuste, Extremadura, Spain.

The 2018 edition brought together some 70 participants from 16 countries, representatives of 20 certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, 15 networks candidate for certification, and representatives of other organizations such as the Iberoamerican States Organization (OEI).

During four days, using interactive methods and working groups, attendees analysed ways in which to give more visibility to the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, how the use of technology can boost activity, how to take advantage of the potential of social network and the importance of establishing strategic alliances and partnerships. The meeting provided the the opportunity for fruitful debates on innovation for Cultural Routes and the (re)interpretation of European cultural heritage, highlighting the role of heritage, culture and tourism as engines for local development and the promotion of european values.


6th Training Academy on Cultural Routes, Alba Iulia, Romania


From 30 May to 1st June 2017, the Training Academy on Cultural Routes was hosted by the Municipality of Alba Iulia (Romania), in partnership with the National Museum of Unification and the 1 Decembrie 1918 University. Parallel workshops were held around the subject "Development of sustainable tourism products along the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe”. The event was co-organised by the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR), the certified Cultural Route TRANSROMANICA and the Municipality of Alba Iulia.

As the Cultural Routes are a source for the local communities’ cultural, social and economic development, the training seminars explored their role as tools for promoting cultural tourism that fits with sustainable development. Tourism product were developped during the three days, with the view to be presented during the Annual Advisory Forum - 30th anniversary of the Cultural Routes programme (27-29 september, Lucca, Italy), where the certified Cultural Routes had the opportunity to meet with tourism professionals during a B2B event.

The 2017 Training Academy was also the opportunity to experience Alba Iulia as a crossroads of two Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: TRANSROMANICA - The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage & The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route.

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