Registration of seven appeals before the Administrative Tribunal

Strasbourg 29.11.2018
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Registration of seven appeals before the Administrative Tribunal

From 13 to 23 November 2018, the Administrative Tribunal registered the following seven appeals against the Secretary General of the Council of Europe:

  • Appeal No. 595/2018 – Gianfranco ALBERELLI (III)
  • Appeal No. 596/2018 – James BRANNAN (III)
  • Appeal No. 597/2018 – John PARSONS (III)
  • Appeal No. 598/2018 – Alfonso ZARDI (III)
  • Appeal No. 599/2018 – Ulrich BOHNER (III)
  • Appeal No. 600/2018 – David PARROTT (II)
  • Appeal No. 601/2018 – Penelope DENU (III)

The appellants seek the annulment of the decision of the Secretary General in execution of the Committee of Minister’s decision not to award the annual salary and pension adjustment as from January 2018.

This information is given to enable those who so wish to exercise their right to intervene under Article 10 of the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal.

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 Next sessions: 

  • [22] 23-24 October 2019
  • 9-10 [11] December 2019


Appeals 619 and 620/2019 registered on 15.07.2019: GOREY (IV) et (V) v. Secretary General and Appeal 621/2019 registered on 16.07.2019:
BJERREGAARD v. Secretary General