The fundamental purpose of the Council of Europe and OSCE/ODIHR website is to give greater visibility on Roma Holocaust through an access to information from various sources.

It comprises of a database on the Roma Holocaust, a virtual library of useful resources (research articles and publications, testimonies, filmography etc.) and an interactive country specific information map, developed for use by governments, civil society, museums, schools, researchers and general public.

Following recommendations from the Council of Europe and OSCE, (Council of Europe’s Recommendation (2009)4 on the education of Roma and Travellers ; Council of Europe's Recommendation (2001)15 on “history teaching in twenty-first century Europe”; OSCE Decision No. 3/03 : ACTION PLAN on improving the situation of Roma and Sinti within OSCE area, chapter V. Improving access to education)  which emphasize the need for historical knowledge and promotion of collective memory of the Roma Holocaust, this site aims to make knowledge about the persecution of the Roma more readily accessible.