Back What can be done to stop rise of antisemitism, intolerance and hatred based on religion?

What can be done to stop rise of antisemitism, intolerance and hatred based on religion?

Prompted by rising levels of antisemitism, intolerance and hatred based on religion in Europe, the Council of Europe works in all of its relevant fora to draw attention to the issue and to help tackle it.

At its plenary session in Strasbourg on 5-8 December the Council of Europe’s independent expert body, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) adopted a statement voicing the Commission’s deep concern about the sharp rise of antisemitism seen in many European countries in the wake of the current conflict in the Middle East. ECRI reiterated that Council of Europe member states need to take strong measures to ensure that renewed violence in the Middle East does not threaten the safety of Jews and Jewish communities in Europe. It also recalled that resolute action should be taken to counter anti-Muslim and all other forms of racism.

The plenary meeting of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and inclusion (CDADI) on 6 December brought together government experts and civil society representatives, ECRI members, the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Antisemitic, Anti-Muslim and other forms of religious intolerance and hate crimes, and Permanent Representatives of member and observer states. They shared experiences in addressing the increase of antisemitism and anti-Muslim racism and discrimination.

These meetings are part of the Council of Europe’s response to societal challenges across Europe in line with the May 2023 Declaration of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik.

More information:

 Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation to member States on combating hate speech (2022)

 CDADI’s Study on preventing and combating hate speech in times of crisis (2023)

 ECRI’s General policy Recommendation No. 9 on preventing and combating Antisemitism (revised in 2021)

 ECRI’s General Policy Recommendation No.5 on Preventing and combating anti-Muslim racism and discrimination (revised in 2021)

Council of Europe Strasbourg 14 December 2023
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