Back Photo exhibition “Beyond borders: Ukraine’s untold stories” opens in Strasbourg

Photo exhibit by Sandro Weltin

Photo exhibit by Sandro Weltin

A photographic exhibition depicting the suffering of people displaced from Ukraine by the ongoing full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation, entitled “Beyond borders: Ukraine’s untold stories” opened today in the Council of Europe’s headquarters.

In her opening remarks, Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić stressed that “millions of people, mostly women and children, many of whom have seen terrible things and suffered terrible losses, have sought refuge outside Ukraine in other Council of Europe member states”, noting that governments across Europe have risen to the challenge of providing shelter and assistance.

She added that the Council of Europe has also been working hard to support them by strengthening its focus and co-ordination through the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees (SRSG), with immediate action on the ground.

“These women and children have walked a difficult path, but they, and Ukraine, do not walk alone. The Council of Europe will be with them, as we should be, and for as long as it takes”, concluded the Secretary General.

 Speech by the Secretary General

Secretary General Strasbourg 25 January 2024
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