A new technical co-operation project entitled “Countering falsified medical products-Global Programme” (CRIMFAMED) is being implemented by the Criminal Law and Counter-terrorism Division. Financed thanks to a voluntary contribution made by France, this project follows the Needs Assessment- Falsified Medical Products project  (NA-FAMED)

The main objectives of the CRIMFAMED project are the following:

  1. Promoting the MEDICRIME Convention.
  2. Improving and strengthening legal, regulatory and policy frameworks to be aligned to the MEDICRIME Convention.
  3. Building and strengthening institutional and operational capacities for legal professionals and law-enforcement authorities through the HELP Course on the MEDICRIME Convention.
  4. Improving and strengthening international co-operation in criminal matters by the setting-up of a 24/7 Network .
  5. Facilitate co-ordination and exchange of good practices with European and international counterparts and Council of Europe sectors (notably Rule of Law/Law Enforcement) to co-operate, investigate, stop perpetrators and break the counterfeit circle.

All the information, activities and results will be available on the project’s page.

More information about the Beneficiaries, Objectives and Expected Results can be found here.


Duration: 1 July 2022 – 31 December 2024

Funding: voluntary contribution

Donor: Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (France)

Implemented by: the Council of Europe MEDICRIME Secretariat

Brochure: Countering falsified medical products


Junior Project Manager: Mr. Henrique SOARES

E-mail: [email protected]

Project Manager: Dr. Oscar ALARCÓN-JIMÉNEZ

E-mail: [email protected]

MEDICRIME Secretariat

E-mail: [email protected]