The new reference guide on Literacy and Second Language Learning for the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LASLLIAM) is linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and provides Can-do descriptors at levels below and up to A1 as well as extensive recommendations on how to use these to encourage/assist learner emancipation and learner development.

With this guide, the authoring group intends to contribute to enhancing language-learning opportunities for non- and low-literate adult migrants by supporting their language educators in designing, implementing, evaluating and improving curricula and teaching materials tailored toward the specific needs of the learners.

At its launch in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe Department of Education will present this new reference guide to the public:

  • International keynote speakers will shed light on the action-oriented LASLLIAM approach in the context of international research and approaches to L2 literacy.
  • The authoring group will provide insights on LASLLIAM’s development and validation, and offer hands-on workshops for conference participants on-site and on-line.
  • Pilot projects from four different countries will report on their experience of using LASLLIAM in specific languages and regional/national contexts.
  • A roundtable will address policy issues concerning plurilingual literacy development and assessment in the field of literacy programmes for adult migrants.


Please join us for this event and share your views on LASLLIAM’s potential to provide your work environment high-quality adult education for adult migrants faced with the challenge of learning to read and write not only at a late stage of life, but also in a second language.