The Council of Europe partnership with business to protect human rights showcased at RIPE

22/05/2019 Reykjavik

Patrick Penninckx, the head of the Information Society Department of the Council of Europe, addressed the RIPE forum, a network of European internet operators, on May 22 in Reykjavik. One year after the first meeting of a special cooperation format between the Council of Europe and business...

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Governments of the Member States sign and/or ratify a number of the Council of Europe's Conventions

16-17/05/2019 Helsinki

On the occasion of the meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Council of Europe on 16 and 17 May 2019 in Helsinki (Finland), a celebratory treaty event has allowed governments to sign and/or ratify a number of Conventions, as follows: Protocol amending the Convention for the...

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24th Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services (CDPPS)

21-22/05/2019 Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The cyberpunk novelist William Gibson once said: “Technologies are morally neutral until we apply them.” The 24th Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services will discuss how new technologies influence the management of offenders in the 21st century, the positive...

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Foreign Affairs Ministers recall rights and duties of member states, define priority areas for future action

17/05/2019 Helsinki

As the Council of Europe is celebrating its 70th anniversary, over 30 Foreign Affairs Ministers from the 47 member states reaffirmed the importance of the Organisation as a unique platform for dialogue and co-operation. Meeting in Helsinki for their annual session, the Ministers declared that:...

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“HELP in the EU” cross border launch of the course Labour Rights as Human Rights

06-07/05/2019 warsaw

Under the EU-Council of Europe “HELP in the EU” Project, over 90 lawyers from Bulgaria, Greece and Poland met in Warsaw on 6 and 7 May 2019 for a seminar on labour law and the launch of the HELP course. The seminar was held at the premises of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in...

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Dangers of disinformation discussed in San Marino

10/05/2019 san marino

A high-level conference on the dangers of disinformation took place in San Marino on the 10th May 2019. Prompted by video messages from Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe and Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations and the address by Nicola Renzi,...

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Newsroom Turkey Improving the Effectiveness of Investigation and Combating Ill-Treatment

02-03/05/2019 ankara

The closing of the Council of Europe Project on “Improving the Effectiveness of Investigation of Allegations of Ill-treatment and Combating Impunity” was marked with two subsequent events: The International conference on perspectives and challenges in dealing with ill-treatment allegations of...

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Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Georgia

10/05/2019 strasbourg

During the visit, the delegation assessed progress made in the implementation of the recommendations made by the CPT following the previous visit in 2014. In this context, the delegation paid particular attention to the treatment of persons in police custody and the situation of prisoners in...

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European Conference of Data Protection Authorities

09-10/05/2019 tbilisi

The Office of the Data Protection Inspector of Georgia, Ms Tamar Kaldani, is hosting the 29th Edition of the European Conference of Data Protection Authorities (“Spring Conference”). This annual meeting is an important occasion for the 30+ European data protection authorities (90 participants) to...

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The ECCD publishes the 2018 Highlights report

05/2019 strasbourg

The Economic Crime and Cooperation Division (ECCD) publishes its annual Highlights report for 2018. The Highlights cover the implementation of ECCD actions and projects across 27 jurisdictions, reflecting the wide support provided by the ECCD to beneficiaries and partners working to combat...

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