Implementing Action

Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

2018 - 2019 Poland

The Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility is an auxiliary body to the Minister of Investment and Economic Development, created in May 2018.

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Anti-corruption measures and remedies applicable to companies

2016 France

Law No. 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life, known as "Sapin II", strengthened the French legal system for the prevention and detection of corruption. It also requires compliance measures and programmes in certain types...

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Better Work Programme

Multiple States

In the framework of economic development cooperation and in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO), a number of member States' Ministries and development agencies work to promote the implementation of the fundamental ILO Conventions. It is within this framework that,...

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Brochure on the responsibility of business enterprises for human rights violations: Access to justice and the courts

2020 Germany

The German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has published a brochure to inform on when and how persons affected by business related human rights violations can turn to German courts to hold companies accountable.

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Class Action Act

2017/18 Slovenia

The Act on Class Actions has introduced the institution of collective actions and collective settlements into the Slovenian judicial system (2017/2018).

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Commodity Trading Sector: a guide to good practice

2018 Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) have published a guide to good practice in the field of human rights for the Commodity Trading Sector.

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Comparative analysis of judicial and non-judicial measures providing access to redress

2017 Switzerland

The Federal Administration mandated the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (CSDE) and the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC) to develop a study on judicial and non-judicial measures in other States that facilitate access by victims of human rights violations caused by an enterprise...

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Cooperation with National Human Rights Institutions in partner countries

2015 Germany

The Colombian Defensoría del Pueblo (Defensoría) and the German Institute for Human Rights (Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte, DIMR), the National Human Rights Institutions of Colombia and Germany, respectively, started a cooperation in October 2015 to address business-related human rights...

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Corporate Duty of Vigilance

2017 France

The French due diligence law for parent companies came into effect on 27 March 2017, requiring certain large companies to establish and effectively implement a due diligence plan.

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Corporate Social Responsibility reporting for large companies

2009 Denmark

Since legislation in 2009, large Danish companies have had a legal obligation report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting – also known as the comply-or-explain model. In 2015 the Danish Parliament revised the regulations due to the EU-directive on non-financial reporting.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Subsidy Programmes


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to support business entities in fulfilling their corporate responsibility to respect through two subsidy programs focused on helping businesses in their international value chains and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

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CSR Sector Risk Assessment

2014 Netherlands

In 2014 the Dutch Government commissioned a sector risk assessment (SRA) from KPMG that analysed the risks of particular sectors of the Dutch economy operating internationally.

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Due Diligence under the Swiss Insurance against Export Risks Act (LASRE) and its Ordinance (OASRE)

2016 Switzerland

The Swiss Insurance against Export Risks (SERV) insures the risks associated with export transactions and offers insurance to exporters, banks and associations against the risks that private insurers do not cover.

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Entrepreneurial education on responsible business conduct

2019 Georgia

The Acting Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Georgia adopted and approved the Action Plan for Implementation of Continuing Entrepreneurial Education (LLEL) for all levels of the education system.

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ExperTS Programme

2011-2021 Germany

The ExperTS programme uses as system of advisers - knows as "ExperTS" - to provide support and guidance to businesses and promote sustainable business practices around the world; and aims to facilitate the conditions under which companies can become involved in development policy activities in...

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Explaining Human Rights Due Diligence

2016 Germany

The German NAP spells out a common concept of human rights due diligence (HRDD) that it expects companies to implement. It defines 5 “core elements” of HRDD in line with the UNGPs and gives companies brief overviews of the main features of each core element. This allows companies to get a better...

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Federal Law on Private Security Provision Abroad (LPSP) and its Ordinance (OPSP)

2015 Switzerland

The LPSP submits the provision of Swiss private security services abroad to a mandatory declaration and, where appropriate, a review procedure. In addition, all companies covered by the LPSP are required to join the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies (ICoCA) Association.

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Federal Law on Public Procurement (LMP) and its Ordinance (OMP)

2018 Switrzerland

The Swiss Federal Council supports the manufacture and consumption of goods, services and works that meet high economic, ecological and social requirements throughout their life cycle. The Confederation aims to set the example by purchasing goods and services or by constructing buildings that are...

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Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion Scheme – Review of Environmental, Social and Human Rights aspects (ESHR)


Respect for human rights is included within the Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion Scheme. The Federal Government expects the projects benefitting from investment, export credit or untied loan guarantees to adhere to relevant applicable ESHR standards.

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Gender balanced representation on boards of directors and professional equality

2011 France

Law No. 2011-103 of 27 January 2011 provided rules for the balanced representation of women and men on boards of directors. It requires the search for parity in companies whose securities are admitted on a regulated market, and eventually, in companies that meet certain criteria of turnover and...

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