National Action Plan


Belgium 2017
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View the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (FR)


Main Coordinating Authority

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development

Drafting Process

The development began in early 2013, with the final plan published in 2017.

The drafting exercise was given to the Working Group on Social Responsibility within the Interdepartmental Commission on Sustainable Development. Throughout the development process a number of phases of stakeholder consultations were conducted and followed at each phase by political discussions.


Main Priorities / Focus areas in the Action Plan

The plan contains 33 actions and ties in many of the actions and objectives to the Sustainable Development Goals including:

  • Developing a toolbox for businesses and organisations, including those abroad, concerning human rights.
  • Improving access to judicial redress mechanisms.
  • Publishing a Belgian SDO Charter on the role of the private sector, civil society and the public sector in international cooperation.
  • Raise awareness among businesses about human rights issues in the framework of economic missions abroad
  • Encouraging international framework agreements.
  • Strengthening collaboration between public services and various organisations active in the field of human rights and international entrepreneurship.
  • Ensuring better coordination between federal and regional authorities to incorporate human rights criteria and socially responsible entrepreneurship in the granting of public aid.
  • Strengthening and monitoring respect for human rights in public markets.
  • Incorporating the principle of due diligence into the corporate management bodies.
  • Promoting good practices of Small and Medium sized Enterprises adopting responsible supply chain management.

Review and Monitoring

Monitoring: The implementation of the action plan is evaluated annually by the Working Group on Social Responsibility within the Interdepartmental Commission on Sustainable Development (CIDD). On the basis of their evaluations, progress reports are drawn up and published, both publicly and attached as an annex to the annual report of the CIDD to the Government, the Parliament and the Federal Council on Sustainable Development. They are also transmitted to the various Advisory Councils involved in development of the plan.

Review: An evaluation of the NAP and the implementation of the actions, jointly with stakeholders, is foreseen for 3 years after the approval of the action plan by the Government. At the time of this evaluation, it may be decided modify or update the action plan.


  • January 2018: Implementation Status report
  • January 2019: Implementation Status report
  • May 2019: National Consultation: evaluations and perspectives.