For tomorrow places of remembrance

Milano, Italy April 2018
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For tomorrow places of remembrance

In co-operation with the Washington US Holocaust Memorial museum and the “Memorial de la Shoah” from Milan, the Council of Europe organised a working group on the role and space for “remembrance places/ lieux de mémoire” within the transmission of Holocaust remembrance especially through exchanges of good practices between established institutions and projects still in development….


Mid April, the Council of Europe, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) had organised within the Milan “memorial della Shoah” a meeting between already established institutions ( like the USHMM, the “memorial della Shoah” , the House of European history) and new institutions (the Ferrara Judaism museum) or institutions which are still on the stage of project ( like the London Holocaust Memorial, the Baby Yar Museum Memorial or the Bucharest Judaism museum.


The meeting offers a space of reflection about actual challenges regarding the creation of remembrance institutions from the difficulty to formulate a narration to the architecture, regarding the educational and pedagogical role of these memorial museums.


This meeting is linked to the work done on the possibility to establish a network of “remembrance places having an educational and pedagogical dimension.