Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (ETS No.165) (1997)

 European Agreement on continued Payment of Scholarships to students studying abroad (ETS No. 069) (171)

Recommendations by the Committee of Ministers 

 Ensuring quality education (December 2012)

 Responsibility of public authorities for academic freedom and institutional autonomy (June 2012)

 Education for global interdependence and solidarity (May 2011)

 Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (May 2010) 

 Education and social inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders (October 2009) 

 On the education of Roma and Travellers in Europe (June 2009) 

 Gender mainstreaming in education (October 2007)

 Public responsibility for higher education (May 2007)

 Citizenship and participation of young peoples in public life (October 2006)

 Governance and management of university heritage (December 2005)

 On the European Convention on Human Rights in university education and professional training (May 2004)

 Promotion and recognition of non-formal education/learning of young people (April 2003)

 Education for democratic citizenship (October 2002)

 Higher Education Policies on Life Long Learning (May 2002)

 Development of European Studies for Democratic Citizenship (December 2000)

 Social sciences and the challenge of transition (July 2000)

 Research mission of universities (March 2000)

 Access to higher education (March 1998)

 Recognition and quality assessment of private institutions of higher education (February 1997)

 Regional academic mobility (September 1996)

 Academic mobility (March 1995)

 Brain drain in the sectors of higher education and research (March 1995)

 Fostering the mobility of researchers in Europe (June 1990)

 Equivalence of professional and technical qualifications (September 1989)

Recommendations by the Parliamentary Assembly 

 The contribution of the Council of Europe in the development of the European Higher Education Area (2009) 

 Cultural education: the promotion of cultural knowledge, creativity and intercultural understanding through education (2009) 

 Promoting the teaching of European literature (2008) 

 The dangers of creationism in education (2007) 

 Academic freedom and university autonomy (2006)

 Education and religion (2005)

 Education for Europe (2004)

 Council of Europe contribution to the higher education area (2003)

 Higher Education in South-eastern Europe (2001)

 Access of minorities to higher education (1998)