The Council of Europe Higher Education Forums are intended to highlight and address particular issues of concern in a regular and flexible fashion, offering a major platform for high level policy debate in the area of higher education in Europe and beyond.

Conference “Higher Education Leadership for Democracy, Sustainability, and Social Justice”
16-17 June 2022 - Dublin

Conference "Higher Education for Diversity, Social Inclusion, and Community: A Democratic Imperative"
15-16 June 2017 - Rome

Conference “Higher Education for Democratic Innovation”
25-27 June 2014 - Belfast

Conference “Reimagining Democratic Societies: A New Era of Personal and Social Responsibility?”
27-29 June 2011 - Oslo

Seminar on ‘Universities as Promoters of Intercultural Dialogue in Multicultural Societies’
20-21 May 2010 - Sochi

Conference on Universities as Actors of Intercultural Dialogue in Wider Society 
2-3 June 2009  - Moscow / Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR)

Invitational Forum on Converging Competences: Diversity, Higher Education, and Sustainable Democracy
2-3 October 2008 - Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Seminar on "Intercultural Dialogue on the University Campus” 
4-5 March 2008  - Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Conference “The University Between Humanism and Market: Redefining its Values and Functions for the 21st Century” 
20-21 November 2007 - Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Forum on Qualifications Frameworks 
11-12 October 2007  - Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Forum "The Legitimacy of Quality Assurance in Higher Education" 
19-20 September 2006 -  Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Forum "The Responsibility of Higher Education for a Democratic Culture"
22-23 June 2006  - Strasbourg / Council of Europe

Forum "Higher Education Governance"
22-23 September 2005  - Strasbourg / Council of Europe