Lisbon Treaty

  • Article 167, specifically devoted to culture
  • Preamble: the Treaty is inspired by "Europe's cultural, religious and humanistic legacies, from which the universal values of inviolable and inalienable human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law have developed".
  • Article 3 (3): the European Union "shall respect the richness of its cultural and linguistic diversity and shall ensure the safeguarding and development of the European cultural heritage".
  • Article 6, in the section entitled "Categories and areas of competence of the Union", different actions can be undertaken by the EU to "support, coordinate or complement the action of Member States". Culture is one of these policy areas.



  • Recommendation of 20 December 1974 from the Commission to the Member States on the protection of the architectural and natural heritage (OJ L 21,28.1.1975, p. 22-23) 31975H0065
  • Council conclusions of 17 June 1994 on the drawing up of a Community action plan in the field of cultural heritage (OJ C 235,23.8.1994, p. 1-1) 31994Y0823(01)
  • Council Resolution of 12 February 2001 on architectural quality in the urban and rural environment (OJ C 73,6.3.2001, p. 6-7) 32001G0306(03)
  • Council Decision of 1 December 2011 on the practical and procedural arrangements for the appointment by the Council of four members of the European jury in the framework of the European Union's action for the European Heritage Label (OJ L 330,14.12.2011, p. 23-24) 32011D0831
  • Decision No 1194/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 November 2011 establishing a European Union action for the European Heritage Label (OJ L 303,22.11.2011, p. 1-9) 32011D1194
  • Resolution of the Ministers responsible for cultural affairs, meeting within the Council, of 17 February 1986 on the establishment of transnational cultural routes (OJ C 44,26.2.1986, p. 2-2) 41986X0226
  • Resolution of the Ministers responsible for cultural affairs, meeting within the Council of 13 November 1986 on the conservation of objects and works of art (OJ C 320,13.12.1986, p. 3-3) 41986X1213(02)


Circulation of cultural property

  • Regulation No 116/2009/EEC of 18 December 2008 concerning the export of cultural property
  • Regulation 1526/98/EEC of 16 July 1998 amending Regulation 752/93/EEC laying down provisions for implementing Council Regulation 3911/92/EEC on the export of cultural objects
  • Directive 93/7/EEC of 15 March 1993 on the restitution of cultural objects unlawfully removed from the territory of a Member State
  • Regulation No 752/93/EEC of 30 March 1993 laying down provisions for the implementation of Regulation No 3911/92/EEC on the export of cultural property


External relations of the European Union