Summits of the heads of state and government of the member states of the Council of Europe

Comittee of Ministers


Resolutions and declarations adopted at ministerial conferences of Ministers responsible for Cultural Heritage

First Conference (Brussels, 25-27 November 1969)

  • Resolution no. 1 and no.2 (on the organisation of a year devoted to the preservation and rehabilitation of the cultural heritage of monuments and sites)

Second Conference (Granada, 3-4 October 1985)

  • Resolution No. 1 on the implementation of the Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe
  • Resolution No. 2 on the promotion of the architectural heritage in sociocultural life and as a factor in the quality of life
  • Resolution No. 3 on the economic impact of conservation policies
  • Resolution No. 4 on the physical conservation of the architectural heritage and the need to combat pollution
  • Resolution No. 5 on future programmes of European co-operation to promote the historical heritage
  • Resolution No. 6

Third Conference (Valletta, 16-17 January 1992)

  • Resolution No. 1 on the archaeological heritage
  • Resolution No. 2 on the institutional framework for pan-European co-operation concerning the cultural heritage, open to other regions of the world
  • Resolution No. 3 on the priorities of a pan-European cultural heritage project
  • Resolution No. 4 on conservation in situations of conflict
  • Final Resolution

Fourth Conference (Helsinki, 30-31 May 1996)

  • Helsinki Declaration on the political dimension of cultural heritage conservation in Europe
  • Resolution No. 1 on the cultural heritage as a factor in building Europe
  • Resolution No. 2 on the cultural heritage as a factor of sustainable development

Fifth Conference (Portoroz, 6-7 April 2001)

  • Resolution No. 1 on the role of cultural heritage and the challenge of globalisation
  • Resolution No. 2 on the Council of Europe’s future activities in the cultural heritage field, 2002-2005
  • Declaration on the role of voluntary organisations in the field of cultural heritage
  • Final Declaration

Sixth Conference (Namur, 23-24 April 2015)

  • Namur Declaration


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