Back Anti-racism commission assesses implementation of priority recommendations by Norway

Anti-racism commission assesses implementation of priority recommendations by Norway

In its conclusions, published today, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) assessed Norway´s implementation of the two priority recommendations made in its 2021 report. ECRI considered that the recommendation on the adoption of an action plan on the human rights of LGBTI persons with a special focus on transgender and intersex persons has been implemented, but the recommendation on intercultural sensitivity and knowledge in the provision of child welfare services remained only partially implemented. 

Concerning the second priority recommendation on child welfare services, ECRI recognised the significant efforts made and the positive steps taken by the authorities but concluded that more efforts are needed to comply with the recommendation. 

In its report, ECRI had considered that child welfare services should avoid the severe measures of placing children with a migration or minority background in foster care, limiting, or even cutting contact between children and their biological parents and adoption without their consent. ECRI had also recommended to further strengthen assistance to families with a migration or minority background. 

ECRI noted that the Norwegian authorities took action in the right direction. However, recent studies on the practices of child welfare institutions and reports regarding the implementation of the measures suggest that they have had a limited impact on the everyday practice of the municipal child welfare services.

Similarly, ECRI recognised the important efforts made to reach out to minority groups, including attempts to recruit foster families from those groups. It also noted that although there are notable examples of good practices of dialogue and cooperation between organisations representing minority groups/indigenous peoples and the child welfare services, other minority groups (such as Romani People/Tater and Roma) indicated in their communications with ECRI that they still feel that they are not included in this process.

These conclusions are based on government responses and information gathered from other sources and concern only the specific interim follow-up recommendations and do not aim at providing a comprehensive analysis of all developments in the fight against racism and intolerance in Norway.

Strasbourg 23 June 2023
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