The Directorate of Political Affairs and External Relations (DPAER) is responsible for providing policy planning support to the major actors of the Council of Europe,  in order to enhance the Organisation’s ability to anticipate major trends and challenges facing member states and to offer coherent short- and long-term responses in the framework of its statutory mandate.

To this end, DPAER organises for the delegations of Council of Europe member and observer states and for Council of Europe staff, "Council of Europe Debates" featuring eminent european personalities from politics, civil society and the academic world. It also organises informal meetings on specific issues with experts and representatives of the Council of Europe on an ad hoc basis.

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Timothy Snyder introduced a debate on "Challenges to democracy" (Strasbourg, 21 February 2019).

Policy Planning Publications
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  • "We need to talk about Europe"
  • "Europe and the Spectre of Post-growth Society"
  • "Democracy on the Precipice"

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