Council of Europe’s Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) are designed and implemented by the Organisation and conducted in line with the relevant decisions of the Committee of Ministers. They constitute the operational support to the dialogue the international community strives to facilitate or restore between people from post- or frozen conflict areas. To do so, the CBM projects rely on the defence of human rights and democracy.


 CBMs: What for 

CBMs have been implemented in order to promote dialogue and to spread Council of Europe principles throughout the whole of Europe. CBMs are aimed at building bridges between population groups and enhance human rights protection in post-conflict regions. Their objective is to help create an improved level of mutual trust, by addressing concerns which are common to the entire population so that they focus on the way to build a peaceful future rather than memorising their divided past.

CBMs: For whom

The main target groups of the CBMs are professionals who influence public opinion, such as journalists and teachers, as well as local NGOs involved in human rights protection and decision-makers from the different sides involved in the conflicts.

The Council of Europe Secretariat remains in contact with local NGOs and specialists in order to design and implement people-to-people contacts and activities aimed at ensuring respect for, and knowledge of, human rights in the affected areas.