What is Democratic Security? How does Democratic Security interact with democracy, human rights and the rule of law? How can the Council of Europe help to foster the capacity of its member states to guarantee security for their citizens through their commitment to democratic norms?

This new series of Debates aims to examine current thinking and dynamics behind the concept of Democratic Security, identify main elements and threats and explore how Democratic Security can strengthen, through different mechanisms related to democracy, human rights and rule of law, peace and stability in Europe.

Co-organised by the Council of Europe and the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA), the debates on democratic security feature eminent personalities from politics, civil society and the academic world. Each time, speakers address in a different way the complexity of issues related to Democratic Security.

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Fifteenth debate on democratic security

Timothy Snyder on “Current illiberal trends in Europe: lessons from history”

21 February 2019 Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg

Timothy Snyder, Richard C. Levin Professor of History at Yale University and Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, conducted the fifteenth debate on Democratic Security on the topic “Current illiberal trends in Europe: lessons from history”. Timothy Snyder is a Housum...

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Fourteenth Debate on Democratic Security

Cécile Kyenge on: 'Europe: The Challenge of Inclusive Societies'

31 May 2018 Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg

Ms Kyenge addressed the issues of international migration and the subsequent integration of migrants into European societies, topics which lie at the heart of her political life. She referred to the instruments (or lack thereof) that the EU, and especially her country, Italy, have at their...

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Thirteenth Debate

Peter Neumann: 'Radicalisation and disengagement: Myths and Reality'

17 October 2017 Strasbourg

In his exposé, Peter Neumann addressed the five myths he believes need to be investigated in order to better assess the issue of radicalisation and disengagement : “The first stipulates that people radicalise into terrorism because of one given factor. The second claims that most jihadists are...

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Twelfth debate on democratic security

Claire Wardle: 'A close look at the Disinformation Ecosystem'

4 July 2017 Strasbourg

Claire WARDLE, Director of the First Draft, a non-profit initiative in ethical newsgathering practices, focussed her exposé on different forms of misusing of information, the way they are presented, fabricated or disseminated, namely by sophisticated disinformation campaigns, through both...

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Eleventh debate

Matthew Feldman on 'Alt Right, Near Right: Mainstreaming extremes'

28 April 2017 Strasbourg

The revival and spreading of far-right parties in Europe is one of the challenges our democracies have to face today. Sketching out the history of the rise of the far-right throughout the years, Matthew Feldman, leading expert on fascist ideology and the contemporary far-right, argues that today...

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