In order to analyse member States' European and international policies, once a year informal meetings brought together Directors of policy planning from Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Council of Europe member states. Eight such meetings took place between 2011 and 2018:




  • General policies in member states (Strasbourg, February 2011)
  •  Europe and its Arab neighbours: common or compatible values? (Strasbourg, September 2011)
  • Central Asian Neighbourhood: Europe's Outpost or Trans-Asian Bridge? (Bucharest, March 2012)
  • The Promotion of Democracy in Europe and Beyond: New Challenges, Strategies and Instruments (Strasbourg, April 2013)
  • Democracy and Security (Strasbourg, April 2015)
  • Democratic Security in Europe: Human Rights and Security in the Context of the Current Migration Challenge (Strasbourg, June 2016)
  • Populism and democracy (Strasbourg, June 2017)
  • Do we need international organisations?  Current challenges to multilateralism’ (Strasbourg, 7-8 June 2018).