VÖLKERRECHTSLUNCH - Interview with Mr Polakiewicz

Upcoming Event on 5 April 2021

29 March 2021 Völkerrechtsblog

*German only* The interview with Mr Polakiewicz will take place on Monday, 5 April 2021, between 12pm-1pm where he will provide insight into his career and current activities. Afterwards, students and other interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions. The event notice and the...

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Complementarity and Effectiveness of Council of Europe Soft Law

Roundtable on Regulation in the 21st Century

15 February 2021 Videoconference

Please find below the speaking notes of Mr Polakiewicz on which he based his intervention: CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Introduction The Statute of the Council of Europe (CoE) names recommendations and conventions or agreements as instruments to achieve its objectives: greater unity between its...

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Second plenary meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI)

Overview of the Council of Europe’s typology of legal instruments

7 July 2020 Videoconference

Please click here for Mr Polakiewicz's presentation titled "Overview of the Council of Europe’s typology of legal instruments".

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Videoconference of the Greek Chairmanship of the Council of Europe on Protection of Human Life and Public Health in the context of a pandemic

17 June 2020 Videoconference

Please click here to watch the conference (Mr Polakiewicz's contribution starts after 38 minutes) Speaking notes - It is an honour for me to participate in this exchange of views. - Being the organisation’s legal adviser, I would like to address the issue of states of emergency and derogations....

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EU accession to the ECHR: How to square the circle?

9 March 2020 Brussels

Mr Polakiewicz made a presentation at the FREMP/COHOM meeting today in Brussels. Please find below the text of his speech and click here to view his presentation. *** CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EU accession to the ECHR: How to square the circle? Ladies & gentlemen, It is a great pleasure to share...

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Legal Opinion on Budapest Cybercrime Convention

Use of a ‘disconnection clause’ in the second additional protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime

29 April 2019 Strasbourg

On 12 April, the Secretary to the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY), Mr Alexander Seger requested a legal opinion on the following: What would be the legal and policy implications of and what would be the arguments for or against an EU-specific disconnection clause (e.g. along the lines of...

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EU und Europarat: Ungleichlauf der Menschenrechte

Die EU und der Europarat wollen europäischen Menschenrechtsschutz organisieren. Doch das Nebeneinander der beiden Institutionen sorgt für Effizienzverluste und Unwuchten im Abstimmungsprozess / von Jörg Polakiewicz

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Legal Opinion on Istanbul Convention

Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CETS No 210) – scope of obligations

11 January 2018

1. This aide-memoire contains a legal analysis seeking to clarify obligations arising from the ratification of the “Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence” (CETS 210, 2011 - hereinafter “Istanbul Convention” or “Convention”),...

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Closing Remarks by Mr Polakiewicz


headline 13-14 December 2017 MINSK

Dobroe utro, Dobroi rannitsy, I am honoured to close this conference, which is part of our common efforts to strengthen Belarus - Council of Europe relations. It is not my ambition to summarise the many informative contributions that have been presented today and yesterday. I would rather like...

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Closing Remarks by Jӧrg Polakiewicz

Conference on “The CAHDI contribution to the development of public international law: achievements and future challenges”

23 September 2015 Strasbourg

Strasbourg, 23 September 2015 Excellencies, Dear Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the CAHDI Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is an important day for the Council of Europe Committee of Legal Advisors on Public International Law (CAHDI) because we are celebrating the 50th meeting of our Committee which was...

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