Education institutions increasingly rely on and need to work closely with the private sector to support the digital learning environment. Business enterprises provide cutting-edge learning technologies and a host of associated digital services and learning resources.

Aware of the changes taking place in education, the Council of Europe developed its Guidelines to Support Equitable Partnerships of Education Institutions and the Private Sector as part of its DCE Programme. Intended to provide a framework for building successful partnerships of public and private sectors within education for the purposes of embedding digital citizenship and putting it at the heart of collaboration.

As part of a series of initiatives to support the adoption of the Guidelines, the Council of Europe has created a Statement of Commitment which participants can sign as a public demonstration of their support for the Guidelines and the principles of digital citizenship education. Entities who have signed the Statement will also be invited to regular stakeholder exchange events.

 Through education and private sector partnerships, the private sector can assume its corporate social responsibility and seek to raise awareness and support for digital citizenship.

List of Partners adhering to the initiative

European Centre for Career Education (ECCEDU) solves the lasting problem of students and young professionals not being ready for their careers and not understanding what their fields are about in the real world. ECCEDU focus is primarily on developing practical skills and sharing experience via short-term intensive offline and online educational programs. Having support from more than 550 companies from all European countries, the USA and the UAE allows ECCEDU to design practical programs in any given field. ECCEDU's main focus is on architecture, business, law, IT, art, economy, engineering, and sustainability programs. ECCEDU represents the vision of focused learning of skills and knowledge needed for life after university and supports it with internships and very intensive cooperation with key industry stakeholders. ECCEDU has partnerships with over 150 universities and alumni from more than 100 countries.

FeedbackFruits is a Bootstrapped Edtech Scale-up (>100 FTE) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It ensures higher education remains relevant in the future by accelerating the transformation of teaching and learning and the provision of pedagogical-backed technology to support teachers improve teaching. Its vision is a future where every learning moment is an opportunity to grow the skills needed to make a positive impact in society. 

FeedbackFruits is also one of the founding members of the An initiative to Fostering Trustworthy Public/Private Partnerships in Education.

Ready Education is the leading mobile student engagement platform on a mission to improve student success in higher education worldwide. Trusted by 700+ institutions in more than 25 countries, we have developed a panel of solutions to build communities, drive retention and help students succeed. With Ready Education, education institutions gather in one place all the useful resources for students, communicate easily with them and help them interact with each other. Our mobile solutions centralise all services. They ensure their visibility and use among students.

Developed by Cambridge academics, Summatic is a quantitative assessment and learning platform used by schools, colleges, and universities across the world to deliver advanced, reliable testing and engaging, accredited academic resources. We are using technology to create a more efficient and equitable outcome in STEM education, whilst freeing up time for teachers.

The 10 Digital Domains in the context of equitable partnerships

To demonstrate the breadth of digital citizenship, the Council of Europe’s DCE project has put forward 10 digital domains to capture the full range of interactions in which digital technologies play a part. These have their origin in the Council of Europe’s Competences for Democratic Culture, which provide an overview of the competences required for effective participation in a culture of democracy.

The 10 digital domains provide the framework for presenting the Guidelines to support equitable partnerships of education institutions and the private sector.


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Communicating progress on building equitable partnerships in education

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 and the Statement of Commitment

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