Back Deadline for the special call to support projects within the 2022 youth campaign for revitalising democracy: 16 May 2022

Deadline for the special call to support projects within the 2022 youth campaign for revitalising democracy: 16 May 2022

The next deadline for applying to the EYF for pilot activities and international activities within the framework of the youth campaign Democracy Here Democracy Now is 16 May 2022.

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) will support youth organisations that are looking for funding to organise activities in the context of the 2022 youth campaign to revitalise democracy.

Youth organisations may submit:

  • Grant applications for pilot activities to be implemented by local and national youth organisations in the framework of the campaign.
  • Grant applications for international activities to be implemented in 2022 by international youth organisations or national youth organisations with partners in the framework of the campaign.

Please, be aware that:

  • Unless indicated in this special call, for applications to both grant categories the standard application conditions apply. For more information, see: what we support.
  • Priority shall be given to applications for activities:
    • to be implemented within the timeline for activities as set out by the thematic campaign calendar;
    • of an awareness-raising or educational nature, such as awareness-raising campaigns, debates and meetings with youth policy stakeholders (local, regional and national authorities’ officials and elected representatives), workshops and seminars for young people, etc.


To be eligible to EYF funding, the application must concern activities that:

    • are organised in the framework of the Campaign;
    • take place in a Council of Europe member state;
    • have a clear link to one or more of the key themes of the campaign: access to human rights, meaningful youth participation and digitalisation;
    • start before October 2022, with six months of implementation time at most.


You can submit your application any time before 16 May 2022, but bear in mind that it will only be assessed after this deadline. The EYF aims to communicate the outcome of the application within 6 to 8 weeks after 16 May, so the projects can start earliest at the beginning of July 2022. The instructions and criteria for registration can be found here.

If you decide to apply, please mention clearly at the top of the application: 2022 Youth Campaign.



Information on the procedure and criteria for application to both categories can be found on the EYF website: for applications to pilot activity grants (What is a pilot activity); for applications to international activity grants, please look here.