The relevant jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the findings of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) highlight areas for improvement where member States need to act in order to conform to the Council of Europe’s standards in the field of prisons and as regards the actions of law enforcement officials. Based on the European Prison Rules, the Council of Europe Probation Rules and the European Rules on juvenile offenders, the programme carries out assistance activities. Emphasis is placed on human rights and management issues in prisons, and on combating ill-treatment and impunity as regards law enforcement structures. The Council of Europe is the pan-European platform for discussion of new challenges facing law enforcement and correctional services, which inform standard setting and exchange of good practices.


Dealing with radicalisation and terrorists acting alone

12-13 June Strasbourg

On 12 and 13 June, the high ranking representatives of 33 CoE Member States, and some Observer States and a number of eminent experts discussed how to improve cooperation and exchange of information, how consolidate the legal arsenal, prevent, detect and fight against radicalisation, including on...

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Multilateral meeting on management of prisonners’ risks and needs to avoid re-offending

24-25 May 2018 Strasbourg

The multilateral meeting brought together senior officials and professionals from all Council of Europe member states to exchange and promote good practices regarding management of prisoners’ risk and needs and to identify ways of introducing new approaches in their systems in line with the...

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Training on “Respecting fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of strengthening the fight against terrorism”

21-22 March Yerevan

A group of 26 officers (Lieutenant to Colonel) from the Police Headquarters, the General department on combating organized crime, Educational Complex of Police, Line division of “Zvartnots” airport and Department of Criminal Forensics of police of the Republic of Armenia, increased their...

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