CLEP Project supports the development of a training manual on AML/CFT compliance dedicated to lawyers

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 3 March 2020
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

An anti-money laundering training for lawyers took place on 3 March 2020, with the application of a subject-matter training manual developed and published by the CLEP Project. The manual is designed as a resource for the lawyers to increase awareness about their anti-money laundering obligations and to be used in preparing future trainers to run a practical and effective training programme. The Lawyers' Training Centre, which organised this training, will also support further trainings to legal professionals and law firms on exposure to the risk of money laundering and compliance in this area. Addressing the training participants, Head of the Council of Europe Mission in Chisinau welcomed the Centre’s efforts to build on previous support provided by the CLEP Project, while the representative of the Financial Intelligence Unit underlined the importance for lawyers to adhere to anti-money laundering systems and controls.