National Anticorruption Coordinator (NAC) presents the progress report on the implementation of the anti-corruption crosscutting strategy 2015-2020

Tirana, Albania 10 December 2018
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The Minister of Justice/ National Anticorruption Coordinator (NAC) presented the annual monitoring report on the implementation of the Anticorruption Crosscutting Strategy 2015-2020 at an inter-ministerial conference with members of the Coordination Committee against corruption, international partners and civil society organisations.

The main achievements identified in the report are the implementation of transparency programs and increase of electronic and one stop shop services, an enhanced interagency cooperation in preventing and fighting corruption which have resulted with an increase of investigations, prosecutions and convictions on corruption offenses. The NAC highlighted particularly as a positive result the support provided by the Council of Europe, the European Union and USAID in improving the asset declaration for the High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets with the implementation of an electronic asset declaration system. Also it stressed the strengthening of political party and election campaign finance legislation.

The NAC called on international partners and Civil Society Organisations to continue the good cooperation in supporting the implementation of anti-corruption measures in Albania.

The Council of Europe will continue its assistance to Albanian authorities in fighting corruption and economic crime through the joint EU/CoE Horizontal Facility Project Action against Economic Crime in Albania.