This is a good exercise to use at the end of a training meeting. The pictures always tell more
than words can.

Time: 40 minutes


• Papers and coloured pens


1. Ask participants to think about what they have learned during the session / meeting, and
to draw themselves waving goodbye and wearing a large rucksack containing, for example,
the items, ideas and hopes that they are carrying away with them.
2. They should consider everything that they have learnt and want to keep. Such things may
include items such as books or pictures, feelings, people, ideas, new ways of seeing the
world, strength they gained from overcoming a difficulty, and values.
3. They can also show the things that they want to leave behind in a rubbish bin. These might
be things such as bad habits, old ideas, difficult moments, and bad food - whatever!
4. Reassure participants that they do not have to be great artists. Stickmen, words and symbols are perfectly acceptable.