This energiser promotes co-operation and group decision-making skills. It involves close physical contact.


1.     Explain to the group that in this game there are nine "points" of the body that can touch the floor: 2 feet, 2 hands, 2 elbows, 2 knees and 1 forehead.
2.     Tell participants to spread out in the middle of the room. Call out a number between 1 and 9 and tell each player that they must touch the floor with that number of points. Repeat twice more.
3.     Tell participants to find a partner. Call out a number between 2 and 18. The pairs have to work together to put the correct number of points down. Repeat twice more.
4.     Repeat the rounds with participants working in groups of 4, then 8, and even 16 or until everyone is working together.

Tips for facilitatorsGoto top

You can allow people to talk, or to allow communication only with sign language, as you wish.
When four people play together the number could be as low as two if two people each stand on one leg while carrying the other two! When four people play, the lowest practical number is probably four. (The highest number will be 4 x 9 = 36). In each round the highest number called may not be more than 9 times the number of people in the group!
Get participants to work quickly. In large groups it tends to take too long for people to work out who should be putting which points down. The most fun is with a group of 8 trying to put down 6 or 8.