Participants work in small groups to produce a mock-up of the front page of a tabloid newspaper.

Time: 60 minutes


• You will need an A3 size sheet of paper and some felt tip pens for each small group.


1. Tell the participants to get into small groups of three or four. They are going to make the
front page of a tabloid newspaper: big headlines and no long articles!
2. Tell them to discuss what they've been doing and what they've got out of the project or
activity, and to brainstorm the highlights and the low points.
3. Each small group should together agree on 5 or 6 "stories". They should write a headline
for each story together with a few sentences to give a brief summary of the story. They
should not write the whole story. A "photograph" is optional, but a good idea.
4. Display the pages.
5. Presentation and discussion is optional.