This is a non-verbal exercise and a fun way to introduce Compass to a new audience.


1.     Put a copy of Compass on the floor and ask participants to stand around it in a circle.

2.     Explain this is a miming activity and that participants have to mime an action using Compass in any way they like – as long as it is not as a book! The rest of the group have to guess what the book represents.

3.     Demonstrate by picking up the book and saying, "This is not a book… what is it?"  Then pretend to be eating a sandwich. When someone guesses "a sandwich", put the book back on the floor and return to your place in the circle.

4.     Let the participants take turns to mime something. Let them inspire each other with ideas and to come forward when they are ready to.

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This method can also be used when starting an evaluation of activities and methods during a training course.