Use this activity with people who are meeting for the first time. Apart from introducing names, it promotes solidarity and respect.


1.     Ask everyone to stand in a circle.
2.     Invite one person (anyone) to say their name (e.g. Benjamin).
3.     Ask the rest of the group to think of positive adjectives that start with the same letter, that is, B.
4.     Ask Benjamin to choose one of the suggestions.
5.     Now invite the person standing to Benjamin's right to say, "Hello beautiful Benjamin. My name is … (e.g. Leila)".
6.     Ask the group to find an adjective for Leila (e.g. lovely).
7.     Now ask the next person to say, "Hello beautiful Benjamin and lovely Leila, my name is …"
8.     Continue round the circle until everyone is introduced.

Tips for facilitatorsGoto top

It is important to remember that the focus is on positive adjectives that start with the same letter as the name of the person, rather than on finding adjectives that actually describe the person.
It is up to each person to choose their own adjective from among those suggested by the other participants.
As facilitator, you should be prepared to suggest positive adjectives for any of the names, in case no-one else has an idea.
A fun variation is for each person to choose an action when they say their name. For example, Benjamin might pat the top of his head. Then the group will have to remember each name, action and adjective.