Project Description Project Description

Specific objectives:

1. To enhance capacity among key stakeholders to ensure the compliance of the criminal justice sector legislation with European standards and to support the institutional reform of the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

2. To develop institutional capacity to implement the mandates of the Ombudsperson and the National Preventive Mechanism in accordance with international standards recognised in the UN Paris Principles and the UN/CoE conventions against torture.

3. To develop institutional capacity for adopting regulatory guarantees, implementing strategies and action plans aimed at preventing and ensuring remedial action in cases of ill-treatment.

Expected results:

  • The PPS and the Ministry of Justice are advised by the CoE/Venice Commission in relation to the PPS reform and other legislative processes; NIJ is supported to develop training materials and methodology.
  • Legislative and needs assessments, relevant trainings and CoE expert advices is provided to the Ombudsperson Institution and the NPM to enhance their capacities, effectiveness and independence in line with the OPCAT and European best practices.
  • Ongoing expert input to the stakeholders is provided for the prevention and protection against ill-treatment and promotion of the zero tolerance towards ill-treatment.

Methodology & leverages Project relies on:

  • Reliance on CoE standards related to democracy, human rights and rule of law / compliance with commitments of the Republic of Moldova towards the CoE;
  • CoE- Republic of Moldova Action Plan to Support Democratic Reforms in the Republic of Moldova 2013-2016 and Strategy for Justice Sector Reform of the Republic of Moldova 2011-2016;
  • Synthesis of technical support, expert assistance/advice, capacity development with the political leverages of the CoE for the purpose of achieving the objectives;
  • Full synergy with the policy of European integration of the Republic of Moldova and cooperation with other international development partners (EU, OSCE, UN, US etc.).