Strasbourg, 21-22 March 2013


1. Opening of the meeting

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Debriefing by the chairperson on his participation in a panel discussion with representatives of civil society on the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention

4. Exchange of views on the discussion paper "Protecting children against sexual violence: the criminal law benchmarks of the Lanzarote and Budapest Conventions"
Discussion paper criminal law benchmarks
ICMEC's Global review
ECPAT's Country report

5. Capacity building activities:

  • de-briefing on the Conference in Rome on 29-30 November 2012;
    Rome event
  • call for topics for the second edition of the Council of Europe publication "Protecting children from sexual violence"
    ONE in FIVE Website
  • information on any other up-coming activities
  • information from the Secretariat on the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE campaign

6. Monitoring of the Convention

  • general overview of the situation with respect to the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention
  • first thematic monitoring round "Sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust"

T-ES(2013)02 - Draft Stock Taking Questionnaire REV
T-ES(2013)03 - Draft Questionnaire: "Sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust" REV

7. Elections

8. Other business

9. Date and place of the next meeting

List of decisions
4th meeting report