Strasbourg, 2-4 December 2014


1. Opening of the meeting, adoption of the agenda and up-date on ratifications of the Lanzarote Convention
Draft Annotated Agenda
Order of Business

2. Monitoring of the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention

2.1 Replies to the Questionnaires: state of play and decision on how to proceed with regard to the State Parties not having replied yet
T-ES(2014)58 - State of Play

2.2 Exchange of views on what constitutes an "emergency" situation within the context of the monitoring of the Lanzarote Convention in view of the Lanzarote Committee Chairperson's participation in the annual exchange between the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Presidents of the Council of Europe monitoring and advisory bodies

2.3 Exchange of views on an opinion on Article 23 (solicitation of children for sexual purposes, also known as "grooming") of the Lanzarote Convention

2.4 Sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust: analysis of replies to the thematic questionnaire

3. Capacity building activities and exchange of information

3.1 Update on the possible forthcoming capacity building activity at INTERPOL headquarters

3.2 Update on the ONE in FIVE Campaign initiatives

3.3 Presentation of activities by international governmental and non-governmental organisations, experts, as well as services of the Council of Europe

3.3.1 Presentation by UNICEF of the "Hidden in Plain Sight" report

3.3.2 Presentation by EUROPOL

3.3.3 Presentation by the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children

3.4 Participation of the Lanzarote Committee in outside events

3.4.1 Presentation of the Lanzarote Committee's 1st activity report to the Committee of Ministers' Rapporteur Group on Human Rights (21 October 2014, Strasbourg)

3.4.2 International Seminar of the INGO Conference Lanzarote Working Group (21 October 2014, Castiglione delle Stiviere)

3.4.3 1st DECS-ENF meeting (13-14 November 2014, Strasbourg)

3.4.4 Presentation of the Conference on Progress in protecting children's rights (6-7 November 2014, Vilnius)

3.4.5 12th meeting of the League of Arab States' Violence against Children Committee (12 November 2014, Cairo)

4. Other business

4.1 Review of the Rules of procedure of the Lanzarote Committee

5. Dates of the next meetings - 17-19 March 2015;

  • 15-17 June 2015;
  • 13-15 October 2015.

List of decisions
Report of the 10th meeting