FinlandCEPEJ Member: 

National Correspondent

Senior specialist, International Affairs, Department of Development
The National Courts Administration
Vantaa, Finland
 +35850 569 1648
 noora.aarnio [@]

Pilot Courts

Court of Appeal of Rovaniemi
Contact person: Judge Ms Maarit TUKIAINEN
Address: Valtakatu 10-12, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland
Email: maarit.tukiainen [a]

Administrative Court of Turku
Contact person: Judge Ms Seija KAIJANEN
Address: PO Box 32, 20101 Turku, Finland
Email: seija.kaijanen [a]

District Court of Varsinais-Suomi
Contact person: Judge Mr Timo HINKKANEN
Address: PO Box 376, 20101 Turku
Email: timo.hinkkanen [a]

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