Project title Project title

Implementation of judicial reforms

Component 1: Enhancing the accountability and the efficiency of the judicial system and the professionalism of lawyers

Project duration Project duration

From 1 December 2019 to  31 December 2021

Beneficiaries / Partners Beneficiaries / Partners

Courts of General Jurisdiction, High Council of Justice (HCoJ), High School of Justice (HSoJ), Parliament, Constitutional Court, Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Georgian Bar Association, General Prosecution Office, Ministry of Interior, Supreme Court.

Project aims Project aims

Court users benefit from an independent, accountable, transparent and efficient functioning of the judiciary.

The main expected outcomes are:

1.  Enhanced accountability of the judicial system and professionalism of lawyers.



2.  Strengthened efficiency and quality of the judicial system.

3.  Legal and Institutional framework of the Constitutional Court is optimised to ensure more efficient and effective functioning of the Constitutional Court.

Gender mainstreaming Gender mainstreaming

Gender will be mainstreamed in various ways throughout the project.

The project is linked to the EU priorities, as defined in the Joint Staff Working Document “Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020” in particular to the priority II: Strengthening institutions and good governance and contributes to the achievement of goals described in deliverable 10: The implementation of key judicial reforms and deliverable 3.

The project is relevant for the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2016 – 2019.

The Council of Europe is implementing this project under the “European Union/Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance”.