The project “Free to Speak - Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All has a European, national and regional dimension. It involves:

  Schools in Council of Europe member states

First and foremost, the project Free to Speak-Safe to Learn Democratic Schools for All involves schools.

The project wishes to give voice to teachers, students, parents and school leaders and make known the work they do to develop democratic and inclusive schools.

Information about good practices will be made available on the project website, providing opportunities for direct contacts between schools.


 Educational Policy Advisors Network (EPAN)

The aim of the network is to contribute to effective reforms in the 50 States which have ratified the European Cultural Convention, in the field of education for democracy and human rights, in accordance with the objectives of the Council of Europe’s Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, in particular by encouraging integration of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture.

 The Steering Committee for Education (CDEDU)

The Steering Committee for Education (CDEDU) oversees the Council of Europe’s programmes in the field of education and advises the Organisation’s Committee of Ministers on education issues.

 Education Department of the Council of Europe

The Education Department of the Council of Europe will be coordinates the Project “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn" Democratic Schools for All at the European level.