The project “Free to Speak - Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All will support schools in providing tools as well as opportunities for showcasing and working further on building and maintaining democratic culture across Europe:

 Identify successful democratic practices to show how schools move from theory and policy to practice.

Promote the sharing of expertise and provide networking opportunities for schools.

Help schools implement projects and initiatives that favour inclusion and freedom of speech in safe learning environments.

Further develop the democratic engagement and competences of children and young people.

Support the use of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture in practice.

Empower schools to tackle key challenges in the classroom using both existing and new tools.

Establish a network of democratic schools recognised by the Council of Europe.

Highlight the benefits to society of human rights and citizenship education in building inclusive and sustainable democracies.


November 2017 - November 2018:
Preparation Phase

November 2018 – July 2022:
Implementation Phase

June 2022 – November 2022:
Evaluation Phase