The film

You will watch a clip from the Israeli film The Band’s Visit. In this film an Egyptian police band travels to Israel to take part in the opening of an Arab cultural centre. However, they take the wrong bus and end up in a small town in Israel's Negev desert region. The focus of the film is the encounter between the Egyptian band members and the townsfolk and what they learn about each other and themselves as a result.


All effort has been made to obtain permission from Sony pictures to show this clip.

Shifting perspectives

First impressions.

Watch the clip and note down four words that describe your first impression of Tawfiq, the band leader, and four words that describe your first impression of Dina, the café owner.

Another person's pespective.

Now imagine you are either Dina or Tawfiq. Play the clip again, then describe the encounter from your chosen perspective. Write this down, using the following prompts to help you:

  • What do you notice about the other person (physical appearance, behaviour, character)?
  • Is it easy or difficult to communicate with the other person?
  • What surprises or puzzles you about this encounter?

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Looking back to your first impression, did your views change when you were seeing him/her through the eyes of someone else?

Think of someone you have met recently and try to see yourself through their eyes. Does it make you think differently about the encounter?