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 Analytical Report on the Representation of Roma in European Curricula and Textbooks (2020)

 The representation of Roma in major European museum collections - Volume 2 - the Prado (2020) 

 Council of Europe activities on Roma and Traveller inclusion (2020)

 The representation of Roma in major European museum collections: Volume 1 – The Louvre (2020)

 Toolkit for Police Officers: Council of Europe standards on racially motivated crimes and non-discrimination (2019)  EN │ RO 

 Experiencing ROMED: A legacy for improved participation of Roma communities (2017)

 Estimates on Roma population in European countries

 Right to Remember - A Handbook for Education with Young People on the Roma Genocide (Second edition) (2017)

 ROMED High Level Stakeholder Seminar - Taking Stock and Looking Forward (2017)

 Brochure - Strategy on the advancement of Romani women and girls (2014-2020) (2016)

 ROMED External Evaluation Report (2016)

 ROMED2 Guidelines and Resources for national and local facilitators (2016)

 A Handbook for lawyers defending Roma and Travellers (2016)

 ROMED1 Trainer’s Handbook - European training programme on intercultural mediation for Roma communities (2016)

 ROMACT Handbook: Manual for Mayors, Local Administrations and Roma wanting to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged Roma (2016)

 Protecting the rights of Roma and Travellers (2016)

 Mirrors - Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education (2015)

 Dosta! Toolkit (2014) BG │ RO 

 The Council of Europe: Protecting the rights of Roma (2013)

 Developments in mediation, current challenges and the role of ROMED (2013)

 The Council of Europe and Roma: 40 years of action (2012)

 Development in mediation - Current challenges and the role of ROMED (2012)

 Human Rights of Roma and Travellers in Europe (2012)

 ROMED1 Mediators' Code of Ethics (2013)

 Education of Roma and Travellers in Europe - Recommendation CM/Rec(2009)4 and explanatory memorandum (2010)

 Roma in Europe (2008)

 Education of Roma children in Europe - Texts and activities of the Council of Europe concerning education (2006)

 Roma, Gypsies, Travellers (1998)

  Factsheets on Roma History