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11th Meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society - combating antigypsyism

17 May 2021

On 29-30 April 2021, the Council of Europe held its 11th Dialogue Meeting with Roma and Traveller civil society, focusing on the topic of combating antigypsyism. Almost 50 participants took stock of current issues regarding racism and discrimination against Roma and Travellers in Europe. On...

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16 May 1944 – a day to remember

10 May 2021 Strasbourg

Soon after the start of the Second World War in 1939, the Νazi Regime decided to remove all Roma and Sinti from the territory of the Third Reich. They were ordered to resettle and were placed in Jewish ghettos and camps for Jews. The first deportation took place on 16 May 1940 from Ravensburg to...

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Protecting vulnerable groups in crisis situations: more effective structures and procedures needed

5 May 2021 Strasbourg

Strasbourg, 05.05.2021 – The Committee of Ministers today adopted Guidelines for the 47 member states to help them in upholding equality and protecting against discrimination and hate during the Covid-19 pandemic and similar crises in the future. The Committee of Ministers stresses the importance...

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Deadline 21 April 2021

Call for proposals for grants for the organisation of Roma Political Schools

31 March 2021 Strasbourg

This call for proposals is launched in the framework of the Council of Europe Strategic Action Plan for Roma and Traveller Inclusion (2020 2025) Priority 5.2. Support democratic governance and promote public trust and accountability. It aims to co-fund national projects aimed at fostering the...

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Roma and Travellers in Europe and Ireland

29 March 2021 Strasbourg

On the occasion of Germany’s Presidency at the Council of Europe, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ireland has the pleasure to invite you to a webinar on the challenges to the lives of indigenous ethnic minorities in Europe today. The event will begin on Wednesday, March 31st, at...

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O palutno dive vash apliciribe si buxljardo dzi ko 31 marto 2021

Akharipe vash Aplikacie

26 marto 2021 Strazburg

Kodi konferencija khamel te lacharel kodi situacija kodolesar so ka anel khetanes buhleder publikumo kotar e interesirime riga Roma thaj na-Roma ande umal kotar e ternengere vi manushikane hakaja. I konferencija khamel te zurarel o dzanlipe vash e Romengi thaj e Phirutnengi historija, kultura...

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Call for participants

26 March 2021 Srasbourg

On the occasion of International Roma Day and the 50th anniversary of the First World Romani Congress This conference will bring together a wide audience of Roma and non-Roma stakeholders in the youth and human rights fields. It aims at strengthening the knowledge of Roma and Traveller history,...

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Call for applications to participate in the 11th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society on “Combating antigypsyism”

11 March 2021 Strasbourg

The 11th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society is scheduled to take place on 29-30 April 2021 online via the KUDO conferencing system. The meeting will take stock of the characteristics and prevalence of antigypsyism faced by Roma and Traveller...

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Akharipe vash aplikacije pe participiribe ano 11-to khidipe vash Europutne Konsilesko Dijalogo e Romane thaj e Phirutnengere civilno societasar pe “Maripe mamuj o anticiganizmpo”

11 Marto 2021 Strazburgo

O 11-to Europutne Konsilsko khidpe vash Dijalogo e Romane thaj Phirutnengere civilno societasar ka ikerel pes 29-30 aprilo 2021 online trujal e KUDO konferencijako sistemo. O khidipe ka ikerel pes upral e khedime karakteristike thaj anticiganizmoski frekvencija so arakhena e Roma thaj e...

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Microgrant scheme in support of quality inclusive education in 40 schools in Romania

25 February 2021 Strasbourg

On 9 October 2020 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania (MoER) setting quality inclusive education and training as a common priority. Following this positive development, a microgrant scheme was launched on 19...

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