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ROMACT is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission that promotes the inclusion of Roma at local and regional level. This initiative will help building the capacity of local and regional authorities (targeting both elected officials and senior civil servants, but also in the mid-/long-term the Roma population and the population of pilot municipalities at large) to develop and implement strategies and policies for Roma inclusion.

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ROMACT Romania

ROMACT Bulgaria

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Innovative solutions for the issues related to the inclusion of Roma at local level have been developed and promoted through the EU/CoE joint programme ROMED that promoted the active participation of citizens of Roma origin in local decision-making processes.

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Launched in May 2017, ROMACTED promotes the good governance and empowerment of Roma communities in more than 50 municipalities in the Western Balkans and Turkey. The aims of the programme are to:

  • build up political will and sustained policy engagement of local authorities;
  • empower Roma communities at individual and community level; and
  • improve and expand the institutions’ commitment, capacity, knowledge and skills.

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The EU/CoE Joint Project “Inclusive schools: making a difference for Roma children” (INSCHOOL), implemented in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom since May 2017, aims to enhance the social inclusion of Roma by promoting inclusive education policies and practices.

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Roma Women’s Access to Justice

JUSTROM3, “Roma Women’s Access to Justice”, is a Joint Programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe. The activities organised under JUSTROM3 programme are concentrated around the following three pillars: Empowerment of Roma women, Enhancement of professional resources and Increased synergies and partnerships of local, national and international stakeholders.

 Visit the Roma Women’s Access to Justice website
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Roma youth action plan

The Roma Youth Action Plan is a response of the Council of Europe to challenges faced by Roma young people in Europe, particularly in relation to their empowerment, participation in policy decision-making processes and structures at European level, and multiple realities of discrimination.

 Visit the Roma youth action plan website