Action against Terrorism


At their 25th Conference, the European Ministers of Justice invited the Committee of Ministers to consider the possible setting up of a European register of national and international standards, starting as a matter of priority with standards in the field of the fight against terrorism.

The Committee of Experts on Terrorism (the CODEXTER) agreed on the usefulness of drawing up short country profiles addressing the most relevant questions related to member states’ standards and capacity to respond to terrorist acts. To this end, it decided to create a Working Group, the CODEXTER-PROFILER, which examined the available information on the existing sources of information on counter-terrorism capacity and elaborated an outline for country profiles on anti-terrorist legislative and institutional capacity of Council of Europe member and observer states.

The CODEXTER agreed to use this outline for a Pilot-project including Germany and Romania. At its 3rd meeting (6-8 July 2004), the CODEXTER considered the results of the Pilot Project and agreed to pursue the activity on the basis thereof and authorised the publication of the first two country profiles. Since then, country profiles have regularly been examined and published at meetings of the CODEXTER (see the table of country profiles).

The CODEXTER also endorsed the Secretariat proposal to further develop co-operation and synergies with the OSCE-ODIHR and agreed to the outline for co-operation between the two Organisations and the linking of their respective online tools ( and Legislationline) as far as the Profiles are concerned.