Convention No.196

    Approved texts









1. Name of Committee: Group of Specialists on Identity and Terrorism (CJ-S-ID)

2. Type of Committee: Committee of experts

3. Source of terms of reference: European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ)

4. Terms of reference:

a. Under the authority of the CDCJ and in close co-operation with the Multidisciplinary Group on the International Action against Terrorism (GMT) and the European Committee on crime problems (CDPC), the CJ-S-ID shall, in the context of the fight against terrorism, report to the CDCJ on whether legal or practical problems exist in the field of identity and identity documents, and whether, and if so how, the Council of Europe could make a useful contribution.

b. In carrying out this work the CJ-S-ID shall take into account:

i. the existing methods of facilitating the identification of persons by means of appropriate identity, civil status and other documents as well as by other means, including the possibility of using genetic prints (DNA);

ii. the work being carried out by other relevant bodies in this field.

5. Membership of the Group:

a. The Group shall be composed of five specialists in the field of the establishment of the identity of persons, to be appointed by the Secretary General.

b. The travel and subsistence expenses of the specialists will be borne by the budget of the Council of Europe.

c. The Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and the Commission of the European Communities may send representatives to the meetings of the Group, without the right to vote or defrayal of expenses.

d. The following observers may send representatives, without the right to vote or defrayal of expenses:

6. Working structures and methods:

a. In order to discharge its functions, the Group may seek the advice of external experts and have recourse to studies by consultants;

b. The Group will complete the above terms of reference in not more than two meetings and will report to the CDCJ or its Bureau at the end of each meeting.

7. Duration:

These terms of reference shall expire on 30 June 2003.