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Past European Conferences on family law

The European Conferences on family law have considered the following matters: measures to integrate children in a new family, duties of parents towards their children, powers of spouses over property for their common use and property rights of the surviving spouse and grounds for and consequences of divorce questions concerning children and spouses (1st Conference, Vienna, 1977); the work of the Ombudsman and other similar bodies to protect children and promote their rights, parental separation and remarriage: the attribution of parental responsibilities, legal provisions to prevent and reduce disputes in divorce cases and alternative methods of solving family disputes (2nd Conference, Budapest, 1992). The 3rd European Conference on family law (Cadiz, 1995) dealt with the family law in the future, in particular the law reform in the field of family relating to children and to incapable adults. The 4th European Conference on family law (Strasbourg, 1988) was devoted to the theme "family mediation in Europe". The 5th European Conference on family law was (The Hague, 1999) was devoted to "Civil law aspects of emerging forms of registered partnerships: legally regulated forms of non-marital cohabitation and registered partnerships". The 6th Conference dealt with the theme of “The legal protection of the family in matters of succession” and was held in Strasbourg on 14-15 October 2002.


6th European Conference (Strasbourg, 2002)
4th European Conference (Strasbourg, 1998)

3rd European Conference (Cadiz, 1995)