Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)

About Monitoring

The Istanbul Convention provides for the setting up of a monitoring mechanism to assess how well its provisions are put into practice by the states parties. It consists of two pillars: the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), an independent expert body, and the Committee of the Parties, a political body composed of official representatives of the parties.

GREVIO will initially be composed of 10 independent and impartial experts in the area of combating violence against women, gender equality and/or human rights, elected by the Committee of the Parties. Their number will rise to 15 once the Convention has been ratified by 25 states.

Monitoring by GREVIO will be based on information submitted by states parties in response to GREVIOís questionnaire, as well as information provided by civil society and independent human rights institutions. GREVIO may also organise country visits if the information gained is insufficient or as part of an inquiry into large scale violations of the convention. On the basis of the information collected, GREVIO will prepare a draft report which will be submitted for comments to the party undergoing the evaluation. GREVIO will subsequently adopt a final report containing proposals concerning the way in which the party may deal with the problems which have been identified. On the basis of GREVIOís report, the Committee of the Parties may issue recommendations to the party concerned and request it to submit information on their implementation.

In addition, GREVIO may adopt general recommendations on articles or themes of the convention which offer guidance to all states parties. The convention also provides for the involvement of national parliaments and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in the monitoring of measures taken by parties to implement it.

Monitoring the implementation of the Istanbul Convention is expected to generate much-needed debate around violence against women and increase visibility of its obligations at national and international level. It is hoped that civil society and national parliaments will play an active part in the monitoring process and contribute to its results and their dissemination.

The Council of Europe is currently preparing the setting up of the monitoring mechanism. The Committee of the Parties and GREVIO are expected to meet for the first time in the first half of 2015.

Flow-chart of the monitoring mechanism :

Part 1 : Country by country evaluation procedure

Part 2 : Urgent inquiry procedure