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Meetings of the CJ-S-CH for 2009

First meeting 16-17 April 2009

Working Documents
Terms of reference

Compilation of legal texts
Meeting report
Second meeting, 28-30 September 2009
Working Documents Agenda
Meeting report
Hearing with NGOs, 7 December 2009
Working Documents Agenda
Report prepared by the registry of the European Court of human Rights on the Role of juveniles in the procedure before the Court and before national jurisdictions  (only in French)
Draft guidelines

Presentation by Mr Gérard Demierre (only in French)
Third meeting, 8-10 December 2009
Working Documents Agenda
Meeting report
Fourth meeting, 25-28 May 2010
Working Documents Agenda
5th Draft guidelines

Questionnaire for children and young people on child-friendly justice
Report of the 6th meeting of the CCPE-GT

Meeting report