Group of States against corruption (GRECO)

News Flash - 27 June 2006

6th General Activity Report (2005)

The Group of States against corruption - GRECO has published its Sixth General Activity report (2005) which was presented to the Committee of Ministers on 21 June by GRECO’s President, Mr Drago KOS (Slovenia).

The report provides details of GRECO’s operation during 2005 and of its co-operation with other international players. GRECO also presents in the report a number of conclusions emanating from its ongoing Second Evaluation Round. These conclusions focus on the organisation, functioning and supervision of public administration and the status and conduct of public officials.

Among the specific issues addressed are citizens’ access to documents held by the administration, codes of conduct for public officials, conflicts between officials’ duties and their personal interests or their protection from reprisals and disguised discrimination when they report suspicions of corruption within their administration.